June 6, 2011
            Welcome to all of you visitors. At the writing of this introduction, I am posting several stories for your enjoyment. Some of them have been published in small press anthologies, but most have never been offered for public viewing. Soon, I hope to add novella of approximately 200 pages for your free enjoyment. (I still need to proofread and edit about half of the work.) The story is entitled “Red Horse” and it is a ghost story of sorts. It involves a man who is in possession of two skulls. After a time, it becomes uncertain in the story who possesses whom.
            Concerning punctuation and grammar; I am my own editor and proof reader on these stories. Sometimes I make mistakes and sometimes I mispunctuate intentionally. Sometimes I invent words like “mispunctuate.” You are welcome to send me nasty correction letters through the contact department, if you wish. If you are an agent or publisher interested in my works and want me to conform to your standards, by all means, speak up.
            I am not earning my livelihood as a writer. I am a working stiff with my own little, one-man, heating and air conditioning business. I barely have time to write these stories, let alone push them all over the country under editors’ noses. It has bothered me that they moulder away lonely lives on my computer Documents file and CDs. So I decided to throw them out into the big digital world to see if anyone might enjoy them. I am interested in any comments – positive or negative – that you might wish to share.
            A couple of minor notes; Yes, I am responsible for creating the home page illustration. I created it in 1984 and did not really know why. I have finally found a home for it. The contact e-mail account is indeed spelled “desturbingdaydreams.” This was available at Hotmail, as apposed to the correct spelling. Consider it a hidden tribute to Dale Earnhart. – Brian Day, author and host